Würstchen: Fast Diffusion for Image Generation

Würstchen: Fast Diffusion for Image Generation

This is a new Fast diffusion image generation model. ‘Würstchen was released on hugging face in Sept. 2023. ‘Würstchen means ‘little sausage’ or ‘hot dog’.

It works slightly different than other diffusion models where it does the diffusion process on a very very tiny compressed image, as small as 12 by 12 before then upscaling it. this makes this diffusion process a lot faster than other diffusion models and this one's available to use right over on hugging face right now.

You can enter a prompt like 'a flying wolf wearing a Superman cape'. click run and lit will generate images instantly. This is happening in real time.

You can try other images like: 'like a Superman wolf with a cape'. Also try the prompt 'astronaut in a jungle, cold color palette, muted colors, detailed 8K'.

Here is a YouTube Video on the Tool:

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