Simulon VFX Tool

Simulon is a Next-generation VFX tool built for creators. Join our waitlist for beta access.

This is a really cool tool. Basically what Simulon does is it allows you to select a 3D object and then once you've selected that 3D object, select where that object is placed in a room and then in augmented reality on your phone actually see that in your world and actually walk around and look at it as if it was right there in front of you.

A Video has been circulating on X (formerly twitter) recently where somebody used Simulon to place a 3D Mech into their room and then once this 3D Mech was in their room they actually filmed all around it and created a Gaussian blur of as you would with a Nerf if you walked around an object to create a Nerf and it generated a 3D version of that. They did the same thing with this newer technique of the 3D Gaussian Splattering. They then had a 3D scene that you can move around and it looks like that mech's actually in the room although that Mech was just there in augmented reality.

There's another example that was shared where they generated a 3D animation so that character sitting on the chair looking around that was a 3D rendered animation. They used Simulon to pull this animation into their real world. and, then they were able to use their phone and walk around as that character was being animated and as they're walking around it you can actually see that the light in the room is affecting the robot. Simulon tool is still not released but you can get on their waitlist.

Here are some video links;

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