Cool Apps

Cool Apps

No Code AI Art tools

  • Artbreeder - StyleGAN model with "genes" (directions in latent space) for editing

  • Artbreeder Collage - CLIP guided diffusion on top of simple collages

  • - nice and easy Dreambooth training - upload images, and get finetuned SD model

  • BlueWillow - text to image Discord like MidJourney (appears to use Stable Diffusion finetunes)

  • CogView - text to image, Chinese model like DALL-E ( interview )

  • - new text to image site currently in beta

  • craiyon - formerly known as dall-e mini, free and makes quick grids of 9 outputs

  • DeepDreamGenerator - deep style, thin style, deep dream

  • DreamStudio - easy to use text to image from creators of Stable Diffusion

  • Genmo - short animations (looks like KLMC2)

  • midjourney - text to image via discord bot

  • - text to speech with Ai voices

  • image-upscale - credit based image upscaling service

  • NightCafe - style transfer, VQGAN, diffusion image generation

  • Nebula41 - under development, VQGAN videos from text

  • Ostagram - style transfer

  • Playform - style transfer, train stylegans, images morphs

  • - run lots of popular notebooks

  • ProsePainter - interactive tool to "paint with words"

  • snowpixel - text to image and variations

  • StarryAI - text to image with easy selection of styles

  • - text to image app for iOS, Android, and web

  • tokkingheads - animate portraits with Ai

  • - text to speech with lots of different voices

  • Visions of Chaos - run the popular AI notebooks locally on Windows (see the Machine Learning setup steps)

  • Wombo - Super fast and free

  • - give it a music file and produce animation from big set of pretrained GANs

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