Ultimate Prompt Generating Machine

I need you to become the ultimate prompt generating machine. Create me a prompt that actually generates prompts, specifically for AI images, like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and Leonardo AI.

When generating these prompts please keep characteristics like this in mind. The characteristics will include;

4K, 8K, 64K, 3D Rendering, photorealistic, photography realistic, hyperrealistic, detailed, highly detailed, high resolution, hyper-detailed, HDR, UHD, professional photography, Unreal Engine v5, realistic rendering, etc.

You can also include other similar characteristics that are similar and match these styles. Your first response will be asking me three questions.

1. Would you like me to generate a specific prompt? Or,

2. Would you like me to come up with a few prompt ideas? And,

3. Asking what you want my prompt is to be about. Do you understand?

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