IMAGE Prompts Guide

Image Prompts have several important elements that must be entered to get the desired image. Here are the main elements:

  1. Theme: (Example: The Evolution of Learning in a Futuristic classroom setting.)

  2. Scene/Setting: (Example: Classroom with modern and advanced elements.)

  3. Subject (s). (Example: A beautiful female school teacher, poised and engaging. A group of handsome and pretty male and female humanoid students.)

  4. Subject (s) Attire. (Example: Elegant, yet professional attire that is befitting their role.)

  5. Key features / Other Objects in the Scene: (Example: A prominent whiteboard, showcasing the lesson or topic. Computers on each desk, signifying the integration of technology in learning etc.).

  6. Mood & Essence. (Example: The photograph should evoke a sense of wonder about the future of education, showcasing a seamless blend of humanity, technology, and advanced humanoid integration. The classroom, while advanced, should retain elements that are familiar to today's viewer, bridging the gap between the present and the future.)

OPTIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: For more advanced and exotic output you can specify Styles of Renowned Artists and their styles. Visit the section 'Help with Prompt Terms' to get an idea of how to give the model these instructions. You can also see examples of prompts in the 'Sample Prompts' section.

Put all of the above together for a sentence prompt for feeding a Generative AI Image models;


"Create an image of a beautiful female school teacher engaging with her students in a modern classroom. These students are handsome and pretty male and female humanoids dressed in tight gold and silver outfits, exemplifying a futuristic touch. The classroom is equipped with a whiteboard, individual computers on desks, and a large electron display. All humanoids are deeply focused and paying attention to the teacher. The lighting is a bluish tint. Use a wide-angle lens effect to encapsulate the entirety of the classroom, blending elements of familiar educational settings with advanced technological aesthetics. Image aspect ratio is 16:9"

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