Male Portraits/Images

  1. Rainy field, Japanese young warrior, white hair, Japanese helmet, macro photography, hyperdetailed, trending on artstation, sharp focus, studio photo, intricate details, highly detailed, by greg rutkowski

  2. Stock photography of a caucasian man. Sultan. Ease. Contracting, RAW Photo, dynamic composition, G-Master Lens, Photorealistic, Hyperrealistic, Hyperdetailed, natural light, soft lighting, masterpiece, best quality, ultra realistic, 8k, Intricate, High Detail

  3. โ€œan African-American male at age 30, man William-Adolphe Bouguereau style painting Couture fashion aspect ratio four to seven.โ€

  4. "an ultra realistic fashion photo portrait shot of an Asian male model with blonde hair in a walking pose in the year 2023 wearing a tribal muted colored outfit with jumbo colors with palm trees architecture and grass and Vines all over the places mysterious brooding handsome and stylish using a Sony A7 or 4 with Hasselblad h6d400c MS with Hasselblad HC 80 millimeters F 2.8 El natural lighting with umbrella modifier sharp Focus unreal 5 engine render photorealistic aspect ratio four to seven".

  5. A Spiderman steampunk robot, bar lighting serving coffee and chips, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, sharp focus, cinematic lighting, illustration, artgerm, greg rutkowski, alphonse mucha, cgsociety, octane render, unreal engine 5

  6. Create an image of Abou Al _Qasim Al_Shabbi ,the Tunisian poet of lebiration and resilience. I stand tall with dignity and unwavering resolve . An aura of hope and determination surrounds me .My facial features and gaze reflect the details of my culture and determination .

  7. In the dimly lit scene, an aged wizard emerges from the depths of a hood, his face partially obscured by shadows. This evocative painting captures the wizard's weathered features, hinting at a lifetime of knowledge and arcane power. Wisps of silver-grey hair cascade from beneath his hood, framing a face lined with wisdom and experience. The carefully crafted brushstrokes convey a sense of mystery and mystique, emphasizing the wizard's enigmatic presence. This high-quality painting juxtaposes darkness with ethereal beauty, transporting viewers into a realm of ancient magic and unknown tales.

  8. 8k, hyper realism, realistic photography, compose a captivating color portrait photograph that captures the essence of a ragged middle-aged man same as Jesus about 60 years old, his face a little worn, not shaved amidst the beauty of nature. His eyes concentrate look into camera .Looking serious face. Envision him donned in a winter sweater, with his dark hair lending an air of timeless elegance. Leaning against an old shed. Seek a natural scene that complements the rugged charm of both the subject and the Scottish landscape, with rolling hills, a misty glen, or a backdrop of ancient trees. Pay careful attention to the interplay of light and shadows, accentuating the lines on his face and the textures of his winter attire. Aim to evoke a sense of quiet strength and contemplation, with the grayscale tones emphasizing the classic and enduring qualities of both the man and the picturesque setting. Cinematic, Editorial Photography, Photography, Shot on 70mm lens, Depth of Field, Boke

  9. full body, a ultra real full body shot photo of 35 years old business man, blue eyes, short blonde hair. At the background a ultra close up macro details, ultra contrast, of ultra dark decor. Intricate details of her beautiful eyes and perfect face. The most handsome man.

  10. selfie photograph of men, age about 60, white beard, short black hair, ((gorgeous symmetrical face)), natural beauty, ultra high realistic, elegant, highly detailed, intricate, sharp focus, depth of field, 85mm, medium shot, (((professionally color graded))), sharp focus, (volumetric fog), half body, grabbing a square paper and displaying the papers graund

  11. John F Kennedy, portrait, highly detailed, silver and white, dark, beautiful, shining, photorealistic, hyper realistic.

  12. a dirty homeless man stands on the street and has shit on him.

  13. tall strong muscular young man with shoulder length long wavy blond hair with blue eyes, wearing an elegant suit at a fancy party.

  14. a 44 year old boy, wearing glasses he is an advertiser and is at his desk with some doodles in the background a relaxed environment with a marketing agency with blurred people in the background is a visible sign with the letters RTR highlighted.

  15. A photorealistic portrait of The crinkled features of an elderly Arab man, a map of a life well-lived, peer into the lens, the twinkling stars above a testament to his enduring spirit.

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