AI Virtual Companions & Teachers

AI Powered Virtual Companions Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Spiritual Companionship

Any person can ask Guru Nanak Dev, Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī (Rumi) or Sant Kabir to be their friend and companion. That if you gave it a particular problem a person were having, The Artificial Intelligence Bot would pick an advice, a quotation or a story that describe poetically a solution to the particular individuals problem.

Anyone can enter the Nanak Metaverse and want help from Nanak, Rumi or Sant Kabir. They would be kind, helpful, multi-lingual teachers that responds to every situation by explaining the reasoning that fits the circumstance. Anyone can seek help in English, Chinese, French or any language and they will provide a response of encouragement and advice.

For example, Guru Nanak's expressions and quotes, most of which consist of poetry were widely used for four centuries post-NANAK's passing away into the eternal abode. Many are still common in vernacular Punjabi writing and in the spoken language today. There are over 1,000 quotations and advice from Guru Nanak, Rumi and Sant Kabir that are considered the collected wisdom of the Eastern culture, and contain the experiences, moral concepts, and admonishments from previous generations of Asia and the Middle-East. Nowadays, these quotations and advice still play an important role in conversations and education.

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