Sacha Sauda - Narrative Poem with Rai Bular

Sacha Sauda - A Revised Narrative Poem with Rai Bular

In Talwandi's fields, under the sun's ardent gaze,

Lived Nanak, a boy, wise beyond his days.

Twenty rupees in hand, a mission in his heart,

For a divine saga, he was to impart.

Through bustling streets, past temptations manifold,

His steps were sure, his determination bold.

To the hungry and poor, his path did lead,

Fulfilling their need, not his own greed.

The villagers scorned, "What folly at play!"

To squander wealth in such a way.

But Nanak's deed was a celestial seed sown,

In the realm of truth, a divine trade shown.

Rai Bular, the lord, with a heart so wide,

Witnessed the act, with awe, not pride.

To Mehta Kalu, Nanak’s father, he went,

Reimbursing the loss, with contentment lent.

"This act," he proclaimed, "is not mere charity,

But a trade with the divine, a rare clarity.

For in giving, Nanak has gained more,

A lesson profound, at its very core."

Thus, Sacha Sauda came to be known,

A gesture of love, selflessly shown.

Rai Bular saw in Nanak a light divine,

A union of earth and heaven, a sacred sign.

In this tale of yore, so beautifully penned,

Lies a message of unity, from start to end.

Let us walk in Nanak's steps, with hearts open wide,

And in our deeds, let divine love reside.

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