Nanak Token Use Cases

NANAK Token Use Cases

The NANAK Token will be the currency for 'onboarding' the NANAK METAVERSE ('Onboarding means joining and becoming a member of the NANAK METAVERSE Platform). The onboarding fee will be a small amount - approx. equivalent to USD 2.0 (two dollars) to encourage a large community of SIKH members. The NANAK METAVERSE Platform will also distribute reward tokens to users as an incentive for participating in the ecosystem, such as contributing to the platform's development, providing liquidity, referral rewards and promoting the NANAK METAVERSE.

Below is a list of the many uses cases of the NANAK Token on the Metaverse Platform;

1. Payment for On-line Education offered by Platform members. 2. Payment for professional consulting, legal advice, healthcare advice and other professional services. 3. Payment of purchases from Online Metaverse Shops / Stores. 4. Payment for listings of Real-Estate and other Assets (Autos, Collectibles, others). 5. Payment for 'Tokenizing' of real-world assets and collectibles. 6. Funding/Contributions for upkeep of Historic / Heritage sites. 7. Charity/Contributions for causes (Orphanages, Schools, Shelters, Hospitals, Food Tokens etc.). 8. Purchasing Pilgrimage NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens for Pilgrimage packages, Travel, Vacations, etc.). 9. Reward for Players in competitive 'non-violent' On-line games and competitions. 10. Voting in the Decentralized Platform Governance. 11. Gifts and Discounts for purchases on the Metaverse platform. 12. Payments to content creators, content editors and contributors. One example of a content creator is someone who step forward from the community ad takes on the responsibility of photographing, digitizing and building realistic 3D Virtual model of a specific Gurdwara or monument. Of course a person or entity can take on digitizing multiple Gurdwaras. But the main point is the involvement of the community in creating Assets in the NANAK METAVERSE. Another example is the creation on non-violent games in the NANAK METAVERSE that people can play ('play-to-earn' model). Game developers can create games and once approved by the Governance Reputation Holders Vote, the game can go online and the game developers can earn their share when people play their game. 13. 'Reputation Token' holders and moderators incentives. Reputation Tokens holders are community members that have been voted by the community as being highly 'trustful and dependable'. A 'Reputation Token' is issued to such individuals through 'smart contracts' and the role of these individuals is to monitor and moderate, advise and use their 'trust capital' where appropriate on the platform. (One simple example of the moderation of content, that is to keep a 'watchful eye' on the content being published and used and remove unwanted content immediately). 14. Establishment of Trust Funds, Education Funds, Marriage Funds, Retirement and Healthcare Funds etc. 15. Crowd Funding for promising projects by Sikh community entrepreneurs (as well as other entrepreneurs). 16. P2P (Person-to-Person) financial transactions. (loans, awards, purchases, etc.)

As you can see, the use cases of the NANAK Token are numerous. Since the METAVERSE is essentially the next generation Internet, one can expect members of the NANAK METAVERSE setting up countless Online shops, On-Line Schools, Colleges and even Universities on the Platform. And with each new use-case, the value of the NANAK Token will keep increasing. Even though this should not be taken as an investment advice, but common sense says that the more people onboard the NANAK METAVERSE and use the Token, the higher the price will be. So, the NANAK Token essentially can be a good savings and investment vehicle as well.

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