Nanak and the Wandering Cows

A Poem on Nanak and the Wandering cows ruining Crops Narrated by Bhai Mardana

In lands where the five rivers flow, beneath skies vast and wide, Walked a sage, Nanak, with a celestial glow, truth his constant guide. Through Talwandi's fields, under the sun's golden seam, His spirit wandered, beyond the world's dream.

One day, under the embrace of a benevolent tree, Nanak rested, his spirit as boundless as the sea. Around him, buffaloes grazed, free of any rein, Wandering into fields, where they should not have lain.

The farmer, in distress, to Rai Bular made his plea, "See the destruction wrought, compensation I must see." But Rai Bular, wise, with a heart open and kind, Saw more in Nanak, a divine mystery to unwind.

To the fields they went, the truth to behold, But what they found was a story to be told. The crops stood tall, untouched by harm, As if protected by a celestial charm.

Rai Bular marveled, his heart knew right then, Nanak was not ordinary, among men. For in those fields, where the world saw loss, Lay a miracle, a sign of the divine cross.

Thus, the poem of Nanak and the cows unfurled, A testament to his spirit, a lesson for the world. In kindness, in truth, in the beauty of the divine, Nanak’s teachings spread, timeless and benign.

Let us remember, through every deed and word, The story of Nanak, and the lessons unheard. For in every heart, and in every soul's field, His wisdom, like those untouched crops, is revealed.

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