Guru Nanak's journey to Mecca.

Guru Nanak's journey to Mecca.

In the realm of faith, where the spirit roams free,

Guru Nanak embarked, a voyage to see,

The sacred lands of Mecca's embrace,

A journey of truth, in divine grace.

Through deserts vast, under the sun's fiery glow,

With Bhai Mardana, his companion in tow,

Their steps unweary, their hearts set aflame,

In search of the One, whose love they proclaim.

To the Kaaba, the sacred house, they drew near,

Where pilgrims circle, in reverence and fear,

But Nanak, in wisdom, laid down to rest,

With his feet towards it, a provocative test.

"Why point your feet at the house of God?" they cried,

Disturbed and angered, their patience tried.

But Nanak spoke softly, with a serene smile,

"Move my feet, where God does not reside."

They turned him gently, again and again,

Yet wherever they pointed, his message was plain,

For the house of God, in every direction spanned,

God's presence, in every grain of sand.

This journey to Mecca, more than a tale of old,

A lesson of unity, courageously told,

For in every heart, the Divine does dwell,

Guru Nanak's journey, forever will tell.

So remember this story, of a journey so bold,

A message of love, inclusivity untold,

For in each of us, the same light shines bright,

In the vast tapestry, woven from the Divine's light.

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