The Cobra's Shade

  1. The image presents a historical depiction related to Guru Nanak's life. It shows a young Guru Nanak at age 8 lying on the ground, sleeping peacefully, while a large black cobra with its hood expanded provides shade over his face. In the background, two men, Rai Bular the ruler of the estate and his companion, are observed approaching on foot with a horse. The men are dressed in traditional attire from the 15th century Indian subcontinent, indicating their status and identity. Buffaloes are grazing in the background, adding to the rural setting of the scene. The image is meant to portray the well-known story from Guru Nanak's life where a cobra was said to have protected him from the harsh sunlight while he rested, a scene often depicted in Sikh art to symbolize the divine watch over the Guru. 16:9 aspect ratio.

  2. The image portrays a significant historical moment from the life of Guru Nanak. A young boy, Guru Nanak, at the age of 8, is depicted asleep on the ground. A grand black cobra with its hood wide open looms over him, providing shade and protection from the sunlight, illustrating the legendary event of divine guardianship. In the background, Rai Bular, a prominent figure recognized as the ruler of the estate where Guru Nanak lived, is seen approaching alongside his companion, both adorned in the traditional regalia of 15th-century Indian nobility. They walk towards the sleeping boy with a sense of purpose, as if drawn to the miraculous scene before them. In the further backdrop, buffaloes graze calmly, undisturbed by the presence of the humans, contributing to the peaceful rural ambiance of the scene. This image, embodying a 16:9 aspect ratio, captures a narrative deeply embedded in Sikh tradition, symbolizing the celestial protection and the revered life of Guru Nanak.

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