Foundation Model Transparency Index

Stanford University has created what they call 'Foundation Model Transparency Index'. Stanford compared 10 different Chat Bots to find out which ones were the most transparent.

They were scored on a 100 different indicators things like;

  • How the data was trained

  • The labor that went into it

  • The compute power necessary

  • The Risks

  • The distribution

  • Feedback .. and much more

What it found was that Meta and their Llama 2 are the most transparent followed by Hugging Face, then OpenAI and then Stability all the way on down to Amazon being the least transparent with their Titan model.

Stanford Concluded that developers can significantly improve transparency by adopting best practices from their competitors and that the open foundation model developers are leading the way.

Oddly OpenAI beat StabilityAI even though of Stabilityโ€™s Models are Open and available for people to play around with.

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