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Prompt Structures - Gen-3 Alpha

Gen-3 Alpha has endless potential to bring your artistic vision to life. Creating a strong prompt that conveys the scene is the key to generating video aligned with your concept.

This article covers different example structures, keywords and prompting tips to help you get started with Gen-3 Alpha. These are just examples – don’t be afraid to experiment when bringing your ideas to life.

Prompt Structures

Base Prompt

Prompts are most effective when they follow a clear structure that divides details about the scene, subject and camera movement into separate sections.

Using the following structure should help provide consistent results while you’re familiarizing yourself with Gen-3 Alpha:

[camera movement]: [establishing scene]. [additional details].

Using this structure, your prompt for a woman standing in a tropical rainforest might look like this:

Low angle static shot: The camera is angled up at a woman wearing all orange as she stands in a tropical rainforest with colorful flora. The dramatic sky is overcast and gray.

Repeating or reinforcing key ideas in different sections of your prompt can help increase adherence in the output. For example, you might note that the camera quickly flies through the scenes in a hyperspeed shot.

Try to keep your prompt focused on what should be in the scene. For example, you would prompt for a clear sky rather than a sky with no clouds.

Sample Prompts

Seamless Transitions

Continuous hyperspeed FPV footage: The camera seamlessly flies through a glacial canyon to a dreamy cloudscape.

Camera Movement

A glowing ocean at night time with bioluminescent creatures under water. The camera starts with a macro close-up of a glowing jellyfish and then expands to reveal the entire ocean lit up with various glowing colors under a starry sky. Camera Movement: Begin with a macro shot of the jellyfish, then gently pull back and up to showcase the glowing ocean.

Text Title Cards

A title screen with dynamic movement. The scene starts at a colorful paint-covered wall. Suddenly, black paint pours on the wall to form the word "Runway". The dripping paint is detailed and textured, centered, superb cinematic lighting.

Prompt Keywords

Keywords can be beneficial to achieve specific styles in your output. Ensuring that keywords are cohesive with your overall prompt will make them more apparent in your output.

In example, including keywords about skin texture wouldn't be beneficial to a wide angle shot where the camera is not closely focused on a face. A wide angle shot might instead benefit from additional details about the environment.

While keeping this cohesiveness in mind, below are different keywords you can experiment with while drafting your prompts.

Camera Styles

· Low angle

· High angle

· Overhead


· Hand held

· Wide angle

· Close up

· Macro cinematography

· Over the shoulder

· Tracking

· Establishing wide

· 50mm lens

· SnorriCam

· Realistic documentary

· Camcorder

Lighting Styles

· Diffused lighting

· Silhouette

· Lens flare

· Back lit

· Side lit

· [color] gel lighting

· Venetian lighting

Movement Speeds

· Dynamic motion

· Slow motion

· Hyperspeed

· Timelapse

Movement Types

· Grows

· Emerges

· Explodes

· Ascends

· Undulates

· Warps

· Transforms

· Ripples

· Shatters

· Unfolds

· Vortex

Style and Aesthetic

· Moody

· Cinematic

· Iridescent

· Home video VHS

· Glitchcore

Text Styles

· Bold

· Graffiti

· Neon

· Varsity

· Embroidery

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