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Explore optimized prompts for a breadth of business and personal tasks.

User-submitted prompts have dark backgrounds with light colored icons (currently, there are none). You can submit prompts via our prompt submission form.

Generate an interactive speed typing game in a single HTML file, featuring side-scrolling gameplay and Tailwind CSS styling

Extract insights, identify risks, and distill key information from long corporate reports into a single memo

Create one-page websites based on user specifications

Create Excel formulas based on user-described calculations or data manipulations

Generate Google Apps scripts to complete tasks based on user requirements

Detect and fix bugs in Python code

Help the user navigate hypothetical time travel scenarios and their implications

Collaboratively create engaging stories with the user, offering plot twists and character development

Get answers to questions about a document's content with relevant citations supporting the response

Transform everyday language into SQL queries

Offer interpretations and insights into the symbolism of the user's dreams

Generate clever puns and wordplay based on any given topic

Suggest recipe ideas based on the user's available ingredients and dietary preferences

Blend two words together to create a new, meaningful portmanteau

Chat with a knowledgeable AI that has a sarcastic side

Write LaTeX documents, generating code for mathematical equations, tables, and more

Transform text descriptions of moods into corresponding HEX codes

Generate appropriate Git commands based on user-described version control actions

Generate similes from basic descriptions

Help the user think through complex ethical dilemmas and provide different perspectives

Distill meetings into concise summaries including discussion topics, key takeaways, and action items

Explain the meaning and origin of common idioms and proverbs

Suggest improvements to optimize Python code performance

Create Python functions based on detailed specifications

Invent new words and provide their definitions based on user-provided concepts or ideas

Convert data from various formats (JSON, XML, etc.) into properly formatted CSV files

Convert plain text into fun and expressive emoji messages

Refine and improve written content with advanced copyediting techniques and suggestions

Weigh the pros and cons of a user-provided topic

Generate trivia questions on a wide range of topics and provide hints when needed

Guide the user through mindfulness exercises and techniques for stress reduction

Make complex text easy for young learners to understand

Brainstorm creative ideas for virtual reality fitness games

Automatically detect and remove personally identifiable information (PII) from text documents

Compose comprehensive company memos based on key points

Engage in role-play conversations with an AI career coach

Compare and evaluate the quality of written texts based on user-defined criteria and standards

Create challenging tongue twisters

Generate questions for interviews

Transform grammatically incorrect sentences into proper English

Generate riddles and guide the user to the solutions

Simplify and explain complex code in plain language

Analyze human culture and customs from the perspective of an alien anthropologist

Turn unstructured text into bespoke JSON tables

Craft a design brief for a holistic brand identity

Calculate the time complexity of functions and algorithms

Categorize feedback into pre-specified tags and categorizations

Transform natural language into step-by-step directions

Provide personalized motivational messages and affirmations based on user input

Extract email addresses from a document into a JSON-formatted list

Evaluate user inputs for potential harmful or illegal content

Craft in depth lesson plans on any subject

Engage in Socratic style conversation over a user-given topic

Generate alliterative phrases and sentences for any given subject

Suggest avant-garde fashion trends and styles for the user's specific preferences

Translate text from any language into any language

Create catchy product names from descriptions and keywords

Engage in deep philosophical discussions and thought experiments

Generate CSV spreadsheets with various types of data

Discuss with the user various science fiction scenarios and associated challenges and considerations

Rewrite text following user-given instructions, such as with a different tone, audience, or style

Create compelling product announcement tweets in the world's 10 most spoken languages

Detect the tone and sentiment behind tweets

Find and extract airport codes from text

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