MSYS ORG has made a significant mark in the realm of open-source LLMs with the introduction of Vicuna-13B. This open-source chatbot has been meticulously trained by fine-tuning LLaMA on user-shared conversations sourced from ShareGPT. Preliminary evaluations, with GPT-4 acting as the judge, indicate that Vicuna-13B achieves more than 90% quality of renowned models like OpenAI ChatGPT and Google Bard.

Impressively, Vicuna-13B outperforms other notable models such as LLaMA and Stanford Alpaca in over 90% of cases. The entire training process for Vicuna-13B was executed at a cost of approximately $300. For those interested in exploring its capabilities, the code, weights, and an online demo have been made publicly available for non-commercial purposes.

The Vicuna-13B model has been fine-tuned with 70K user-shared ChatGPT conversations, enabling it to generate more detailed and well-structured responses. The quality of these responses is comparable to ChatGPT. Evaluating chatbots, however, is a complex endeavor. With the advancements in GPT-4, there's a growing curiosity about its potential to serve as an automated evaluation framework for benchmark generation and performance assessments. Initial findings suggest that GPT-4 can produce consistent ranks and detailed assessments when comparing chatbot responses. Preliminary evaluations based on GPT-4 show that Vicuna achieves 90% capability of models like Bard/ChatGPT.

Key Features Overview of Vicuna-13B:

  • Open-Source Nature: Vicuna-13B is available for public access, promoting transparency and community involvement.

  • Extensive Training Data: The model has been trained on 70K user-shared conversations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of diverse interactions.

  • Competitive Performance: Vicuna-13B's performance is on par with industry leaders like ChatGPT and Google Bard.

  • Cost-Effective Training: The entire training process for Vicuna-13B was executed at a low cost of around $300.

  • Fine-Tuning on LLaMA: The model has been fine-tuned on LLaMA, ensuring enhanced performance and response quality.

  • Online Demo Availability: An interactive online demo is available for users to test and experience the capabilities of Vicuna-13B.

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