LeiaPix (Image to 3D Video)

LeiaPix is one of the many software from Leia Inc., the makers of Lume Pad 2, a 3D-Ai Tablet. It is a 3D social media platform. You can create depth animation in 3D from 2D pictures.

Leia Inc. has pioneered 3D on a variety of mobile devices. CES 2023 award-winning Lume Pad 2 (Tablet) is one of them.

Tryout LeiaPix Playground: https://convert.leiapix.com/

What does 3D-Ai mean?

Lume Pad 2 combines 3D screen with AI that does everything from converting 2D video and stills into 3D, to helping you create your own 3D experiences on the tablet.

Lume Pad 2 Features:

  • A 12.4-inch glass panel with 2560 x 1600 resolution at 120hz

  • Instantly switches between 2D Android apps and deep, immersive 3D

  • Real-time AI-powered face tracking for a comfortable, consistent 3D experience with an ultra-wide viewing angle

  • Industry-leading 3D cameras on the front and back for stereoscopic

  • 3D-AI capture up to 5K resolution per eye

  • Premium Performance with Android 12, Qualcomm SnapDragon 888 SOC, Dolby ATMOS.

Lume Pad 2’s 12.4-inch screen projects out a bright 2560x1600 2D picture on a high-end 16:10 display. All that transforms in real-time when activating 3D content. A single optical layer - a nanotechnology breakthrough – that sits underneath the LCD display makes Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting (DLB) possible.



LeiaPlayer does a whole lot more than simply play 3D images and videos. You can find, watch, touch up your own 3D media from one place. It handles a host of image and video formats (JPEG, PNG, HEIC, MP4, MKV, WEBM, and VR180) and this is where you can transform your own 2D media into 3D on the tablet.


LeiaCam works like magic. Just aim the Lume Pad 2’s rear cameras and see the depth information captured as you take 3D pictures and videos. Or, take a selfie with the front-facing 3D camera!

All photos and videos are captured in Leia Image Format (JPEG) and Leia Video Format (MP4), which pop out natively in 3D on a Lume Pad 2. The file formats are backward compatible and viewable in 2D instantly on all other devices.


We’re connecting people like never before – in 3D – with LeiaChat. You can video call a friend, colleague, or family member like you normally would in 2D. However, with Lume Pad 2, you’ll feel like they’re right there with you thanks to the immersive screen. When you get your hands on a Lume Pad 2, you need to try this feature for yourself!


Leia partnered with Stability AI to let you bring your 3D dreams to life with AI art. Using text-to-image Stable Diffusion and Leia AI 2D3D conversion, a few simple words become stunning 3D art. And LeiaViewer is where you’ll soon see those 3D dreams from any point of view.

Your imagination — and ability to describe it – is your only limitation with LeiaDream. Leveraging Stable Diffusion, we’re bridging the gap between AI art and Leia’s 3D-AI. A few simple sliders provide some basic parameters to refine your work. Then all you need to do is write out a prompt filled with your wildest dreams and see it instantly come to life in 3D.


If you can share an online video, you can see it converted – live – into 3D on the Lume Pad 2 with LeiaTube! YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, and more. Whether it's a live video, 3D video, or VR180/360 video, they all play back in 3D on LeiaTube.

All you need to do is open your favorite video app that allows you to share a link to a video. So long as you're able to share the streaming video, LeiaTube captures and converts it on-the-fly into a 3D video. The AI does all the work on your tablet while you watch!


The world’s first 3D•AI Tablet is also your personal 3D movie theater. Rent and watch some of your favorite Hollywood blockbusters in amazing 3D on the Lume Pad 2’s gorgeous 12.4-inch screen, no eyewear needed.


Welcome to the first 3D social media platform. Hundreds of thousands of 3D pictures are already available. So, share your content – and connect – with an active creator community.

Want to share with people who don't have a Lume Pad 2 yet? No problem! Create a post from LeiaPix and it instantly crafts a link to a depth animation you can share so anyone can see what you're creating in 3D.


Go to convert.leiapix.com from your browser on Lume Pad 2 or any other device, and you can upload 2D images and edit depth and 3D effects into your images.


Taking a 3D model and being able to fully explore it in 3D is an eye opening experience. With LeiaViewer, you have the ability to download 3D models, alter visualizations, lighting and textures, and see it in 360° 3D – all from within the app. Better still, there is Full Sketchfab Integration built into LeiaViewer.

Once you Sign in (or create an account) you have access to more than 500,000, 3D models in Sketchfab.


Sometimes, you just want to show off all those brilliant 3D images on your Lume Pad 2. So why not do that even while it’s charging? LeiaFrame turns your Lume Pad 2 into an eye-catching 3D picture frame. Select 3D videos and images from your gallery and quickly set up your ideal slideshow.


The Leia Appstore is a one-stop shop for the Lume Pad 2’s 3D-enabled apps. Discover and download new apps and games, with new ones added regularly and as a premium Android 12 tablet, the Lume Pad 2 also runs all your favorite 2D apps, from Google Play, the Epic Games Appstore, and more. So go ahead, grab your favorites!

The Lume Pad 2 is now available for you to reserve and save $100 with no deposit.

Tips! Create your LeiaPix profile and account from the App or a web browser. Upload images, then add a caption and hashtag. View and like photos from other creators. Explore what's new by heading over to the Discover Page.

LEIA INC. Custom 3D Apps:

Leia offers the largest 3D ecosystem to date, showcased by 3D Apps specially designed and built for Lume Pad 2.

3D Dream

Bring your 3D dreams to life with AI art. Using Stable Diffusion, a few simple words initiates the text-to-image transformation.

New depth and dimension to 3D models. See 3D models in 360° — plus access over 500,000 free models and animations from Sketchfab.

3D Photo

AI combined with the best integrated consumer stereoscopic 3D cameras allow you to capture realistic 3D content with stunning levels of detail and depth.

LeiaPlayer is the Swiss army knife of the Leia ecosystem. See, convert, transform, and enjoy your own favorite 3D content.

3D Chat

The most immersive way to communicate is with 3D. LeiaChat is the only App today that offers true-to-life 3D chat.

3D Stream

Enjoy a selection of Hollywood blockbusters in 3DL from your Lume Pad's gorgeous screen. U.S. Only.

Real-time 2D3D conversion, powered by AI. Share online videos from YouTube, TikTok, and more to LeiaTube, and instantly watch them in 3D.

3D Gaming

Mozaik3d Wordmark Enabling the largest 3D ecosystem. The Leia Appstore is your one-stop shop for all 3D apps, games, and experiences.

Mozaik3d Wordmark Engaging and interactive learning via 3D. The interactive smartbook series presents a variety of topics in a compelling and easily digestible format.

Website: https://www.Leiainc.com

Website: http://www.Leiapix.com

Tryout LeiaPix Playground: https://convert.leiapix.com/

Qs: What is Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting (DLB)

Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting (DLB) is a technology that uses diffractive nanostructures to control the direction of light emitted from a backlight. This allows for the creation of 3D images without the need for glasses or other special viewing devices.

DLB works by using a series of nanoscale gratings to create a holographic image. The gratings are arranged in such a way that they diffract light in different directions, depending on the viewing angle. This allows for the creation of multiple images that can be viewed from different angles, creating the illusion of depth.

DLB has a number of advantages over other 3D display technologies. It is relatively inexpensive to manufacture, and it does not require the use of special glasses or other viewing devices. DLB displays are also very bright and have a wide viewing angle.

One of the main challenges of DLB is that it can be difficult to create high-resolution images. This is because the gratings need to be very small in order to achieve the desired level of detail. However, recent advances in nanotechnology have made it possible to create DLB displays with resolutions that are comparable to those of traditional 2D displays.

DLB is a promising technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with 3D content. It is already being used in a variety of applications, including head-mounted displays, automotive displays, and medical imaging. As the technology continues to develop, we can expect to see DLB displays become more widespread in the future.

Here are some of the benefits of DLB:

  • Glasses-free 3D viewing

  • High brightness

  • Wide viewing angle

  • Inexpensive to manufacture

Here are some of the challenges of DLB:

  • Difficult to create high-resolution images

  • Can be computationally expensive

  • Still under development

Overall, DLB is a promising technology with the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with 3D content. As the technology continues to develop, we can expect to see DLB displays become more widespread in the future.

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