All images and videos on Artflow are generated on the fly, based solely on user input, thanks to a combination of machine learning models. We do not use any existing images and all content is unique. Part of our pipeline utilizes open-source machine learning models like OpenAI’s CLIP.

The generative process is computationally expensive and this takes quite a significant time to generate even on the most powerful hardware. We do our best to expand our capabilities, but at times, because of high site traffic, the waiting time might get higher than we'd like.

  • Generate full-body characters in Character Builder (similar to Training a LoRA)

  • Create images with consistent character in Image Studio

  • You can also turn yourself into different characters!

Video Studio Supports Voices in 80 Languages

  • Voices of 80 languages are now supported in Video Studio

  • Newly added premium voices for extra realism and emotions

Director Mode

  • Create images with control over character’s position, scale and rotation

  • Create dialogue videos with control over shot type

Portrait Generator v2 and Personalized Talkingheads

  • Stunning portraits v2, 1024x1024 resolution

  • Talking Heads with your own face

  • Batch image deletion

Actor Builder: Create Images and Videos with Your Face

  • Be the hero of your own fantasy by visualizing yourself in your images/videos!

  • Train your digital actor with just 10 images

  • Starter and Pro users will get one-time training for free

Artflow v2 Image Generation & New Features for Pro Users

  • Artflow v2 - higher resolution, higher quality!

  • Exclusive new styles only found in the v2 model.

  • Unlimited v2 creations for Starter and PRO, 1 credit per generation for Basic.

  • Pro users can remix new Video Studio projects for free.

  • Animate your characters - from gallery to Video Studio with one click!

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