Recommended GPU : Nvidia T4

Inference Time: 22 seconds

Get an approximate text prompt with style, matching an image(optimized for stable-diffusion (clip Vit-L/14)

Model Card:

img2prompt model provides approximate text prompts that can be used with stable diffusion to re-create similar looking versions of the image/painting. Try it by copying the text prompts to stable diffusion! A slightly adapted version of the CLIP Interrogator.

The CLIP Interrogator uses the OpenAI CLIP models to test a given image against a variety of artists, mediums, and styles to study how the different models see the content of the image. It also combines the results with BLIP captions to suggest a text prompt to create more images similar to what was given.

Katonic Playground (similar to Search, Explore, and Engage with range of Generative AI Foundation models and task-specific models available from open source.

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