FrameForge is an Emmy Award-winning storyboarding and previz software that helps filmmakers visualize their projects before they shoot. It is used by indie directors, web series makers, budget feature filmmakers, and more. FrameForge offers a variety of features that make it a powerful tool for previsualization, including:

  • Optically accurate cameras: FrameForge's cameras are physically accurate, so you can be sure that your storyboards and previs will match the look of your final film.

  • Individual lighting elements: FrameForge lets you add individual lighting elements to your scenes, with overlapping shadows and realistic reflections.

  • Depth-of-field: FrameForge's depth-of-field tool lets you accurately simulate the way that objects will appear in focus in your final film.

  • Prime lenses: FrameForge supports prime lenses, which give you even more control over the look of your images.

  • Ground glass: FrameForge's ground glass effect lets you simulate the look of a film camera's ground glass, which is helpful for storyboarding complex shots.

  • Green screens: FrameForge supports green screens, so you can easily add virtual backgrounds to your scenes.

FrameForge also offers a variety of expansion packs that add additional objects, sets, and characters to the software. This can be helpful for filmmakers who need to create specific types of scenes, such as action sequences or historical dramas.

Does FrameForge have AI capabilities?

FrameForge does have some AI capabilities. For example, it can automatically generate storyboards based on a script or a shot list. It can also suggest camera angles and movements that will create the desired effect. Additionally, FrameForge can be used to create virtual sets and characters, which can be helpful for filmmakers who need to create specific types of scenes.

However, FrameForge's AI capabilities are not as advanced as some other software programs, such as Unreal Engine or Unity. These programs offer a wider range of AI features, such as the ability to generate realistic characters and environments.

Here are some additional details about FrameForge:

  • It is available for Windows and macOS.

  • FrameForge is compatible with a variety of file formats, including .fbx, .obj, and .png.

  • It is a relatively easy-to-use software, even for beginners.

  • There is a large community of FrameForge users who can provide support and advice.

Overall FrameForge is a powerful and versatile storyboarding and previz software. It is used by filmmakers of all levels, and it can help you save time and money on your productions. It has some AI capabilities, but they are not as advanced as some other software programs.


  • The Core Edition of FrameForge costs $199, and the Professional Edition costs $399.

  • There are also subscription options available.

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