Blade Runner Blues

About this prompt & how you can customize it

Text-to-Image AI Prompt

Imagine a dystopian future in the style of “Blade Runner,” where a man is standing under the twilight sky. The scene is rendered using Octane Render, creating a photorealistic atmosphere. The natural lighting enhances the realistic details of the man’s face and hair, expertly crafted by the talented artist Roberto Bompiani. The man’s skin color is captured with utmost accuracy, resembling a natural shade. Inspired by the works of Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance, the human figure is precisely depicted with semi smooth skin, reflecting the artistic finesse of the era. The wide-angle lens adds a unique perspective to the shot, showcasing an accurately detailed background and clothing. The level of precision and attention to detail is akin to the craftsmanship of the great artists from the past. The final output is in stunning 8K resolution, allowing for a visually immersive experience. To further enhance the artistic composition, a defocus effect is applied, drawing attention to the focal point of the image and creating a sense of depth. About this prompt & how you can customize it AI understands this text-2-image prompt by analyzing the words and phrases used to describe various aspects of the image. It recognizes keywords such as “blade runner blues,” “octane render,” and “photorealistic 9” to understand the desired overall style and level of realism. It then takes into account specific details such as “natural skin color 8,” “accurate detailed face 5,” and “accurate detailed hair 5” to generate a human figure with lifelike features. The prompt also includes references to specific artists like “Leonardo da Vinci” and the “Renaissance,” indicating a preference for a classical aesthetic.

To customize this prompt, one can change or replace certain words or phrases to specify different requirements or preferences. For example, if someone prefers a more futuristic look, they could replace “blade runner blues” with “cyberpunk neon” or “sci-fi atmosphere.” To request a different level of detail for the background, they could change “accurate detailed background 9” to “simplified background 3” or “busy cityscape 7.” By altering the descriptors for lighting, lens, and other elements, individuals can tailor the prompt to their specific vision, allowing the AI to generate images that match their preferences more accurately.

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