RVC (Retrieval-based Voice Conversion) model.

RVC WebUI is a web-based user interface for the RVC (Retrieval-based Voice Conversion) model. It allows users to convert a source voice to the target voice of their choice. The model is trained on a large dataset of audio recordings, and it can be used to convert voices of both genders and different accents.

Local Install:

To use RVC WebUI, you will need to first install the necessary dependencies. You can find the installation instructions on the project's GitHub page. Once you have installed the dependencies, you can start the web server by running the following command:

Copy codepython webui.py

This will start the web server on port 8000. You can then open a web browser and navigate to

Copy codebard for google copy iconhttp://localhost:8000. You will see the RVC WebUI interface.

You can also use the Google Colab Server:


To convert a voice, you will need to first upload the source audio file. You can do this by clicking the "Upload" button and selecting the audio file from your computer. Once the audio file has been uploaded, you will need to select the target voice. You can do this by clicking the "Target Voice" dropdown menu and selecting the desired voice.

Once you have selected the source and target voices, you can click the "Convert" button. The model will then convert the source voice to the target voice. The converted audio file will be saved to your computer.

Here are some additional resources for using RVC WebUI:

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