How to use Luma Genie 3D

Luma Labs 3D Model called Genie

Luma Labs Text to 3D Model.

Available directly inside of their Discord.

Go to Luma Discord.

Come into one of these Genie rooms.

Type ‘/Genie’ and then enter the prompt of what you want to generate.

For example; “a fighter jet and literally less than a minute later I have some 3D examples of fighter jets and they all look pretty dang good.

You can visit the Luma lab's website and you can see 3D objects that you can click and drag around and zoom in on and then if I go to click to download.

The model downloads as a .glb file which is a 3D object file thatyou can then pull into blender and clean up.

Genie is a mindbending Text to 3D object tool.

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