LLM Capabilities Test

Large language Models can be tested for four different capabilities;

  • Understanding,

  • Generation,

  • Reasoning

  • Memory

But it is not just that. Advanced LLM Chatbots have enhanced conversational abilities, more articulate explanations of its thought processes, a safer output mechanism, a longer memory, and Bolstered Programming, Mathematical, and Cognitive skills.

Tests to measure other capabilities include:

  • Multiple choice segment of the American Bar Exam:

  • Codex Human Eval Python Programming Test: Codex HumanEval is a Python coding test. Codex HumanEval is a benchmark for evaluating the code generation capabilities of Large Language Models. It consists of 164 original programming problems, assessing language comprehension, algorithms, and simple mathematics, with some comparable to simple software interview questions.

  • GSM8K Elementary School Math Problems: GSM8k, a large set of grade-school math problems. The GSM8K dataset is a collection of 8,500 math problems that are designed to be challenging for language models to solve.

  • GRE Reading and Writing Exams: Exam given to college students applying to graduate school.

  • Median applicant on quantitative reasoning.

  • Constitution (Safe and harmless): How hard is to produce offensive or dangerous output on prompts. (Normally this is an internal red-teaming evaluation that scores models on a large representative set of harmful prompts, and using an automated and transparent process).

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