Close-up shot


Close-up shot. Journalist Emma, holding her camera, stands in the medical room of the asylum. She examines the remnants of restraints and rusty medical instruments, capturing the unsettling graffiti on the walls. The intense lighting emphasizes the magnificence of the virtual environment, adding to the sense of foreboding and mystery.

Negative prompt:

extra limbs, missing limbs, extra fingers, crossed eyes, ugly mouth, ugly nose,ugly eyes, ugly face, distorted face, morphing face, morphing lips, morphing eyes, change length of hair, morphing arms, extreme movements of arms, hands near ears,cell phone, Rapid movement of body, fused, fuzzy images. morphing of eyes, fuzzy eyes, out of focus eyes, independent movement of eyes, bad physics,


Seed: 2094715732

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Style: Realistic

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