Create a News Video Channel

Use AI to create a News Video Channel

AI Tool Kit for the project:

Step 1: go to an article of a trending topic.

Note: Enable 'Reader Mode' in Google by using this link: "chrome://flags" or search for 'Reader Mode' and add the Extension. The reader mode will get rid of all ads and non-essential stuff.

Copy the Article and paste it into ChatGPT

Type the below PROMPT;

“create a YouTube video talking about this article and provide commentary throughout” and then we're going to just put a colon parentheses, paste the article and then enter

ChatGPT is automatically going to provide us a YouTube video script talking about the article.

If you want a linger script type the below prompt;

“provide a longer script with commentary about the article”

another way that we can get a longer script is just say;

“provide more details”

Step 2: Go to ( is a Text-to-Video AI tool. It will create content with AI voices in minutes. It will automatically take the text and provide really high quality voiceovers, provide captions and automatic generated b-roll based on what the text is saying.

If you want to translate the text into another language and then add a voiceover in another language it can do that as well.

Go to new file in the top right in the Fliki screen and name the file.

  • Select Language: English

  • Select Video

  • Take the entire text script created using ChatGPT and paste it in the script section of Fliki.

Fliki will take the whole script and automatically Voiceover and b-roll.

Click the preview and listen to the video.

If you want to add some more b-roll, just click after the sentence. Fliki will create a new section. You can insert/delete edit, paste.

  • You can change the image or video and type in additional text and images.

  • The content library in Fliki has a lot of content from many sources that normally require a paid subscription. There are b-roll platforms like pixels pixabay and others for Video, Audio and images.

  • Fliki automatically picks the media content after it reads the text. It read the my text and then Auto picks the video and images etc as well. You can of course overwrite any with your own selection.

  • Fliki will automatically adjust the video speed based on the text.

  • You can change the voice and enter your selection.

  • You can change the subtitle and font color through the 'video settings'

When you are ready you can 'create and export' your video.

The last step in this process is to create a fancy thumbnail.

To begin, first browse other popular videos and study what the aesthetics of the thumbnail are. You can use Canva or any other AI Generative Art tool like to create a good thumbnail for YouTube. Try using creative prompts to generate an image of a person, preferably a celebrity. Check out the section on 'prompts' if you need help. There are some very interesting 'prompt guides' listed.

Canva and are both completely free. There are other tools as well like MidJourney and The AI Generative Art section in menu has a complete list.

When you have created your image you can download it and open it.

  • If the background needs to be removed, you can go to this free AI website called and upload your image file there. It will automatically remove the background from our image.

  • You can download your image when done and go to Canva and Edit the image and use your creativity.

  • You can change the background

  • You can add elements such as a Matrix for more of a 'Matrixy Vibe'.

  • Add 'flare' from background' to add a little bit of a background flare.

  • Change the color of the flare to 'duotone' - blue for example.

  • Add a heading and change the font to 'League Spartan' for example.

Obviously you could play around with this more until you are satisfied.

Good Luck on your Video Channel.

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