Fooocus Photorealistic Images

How To Make Photorealistic Images In Fooocus

Learn how to easily achieve photorealistic images every time with this simple method. Follow along as we go through some examples and show you the different style options available. Also we'll cover a using stable diffusion 1.5 models in Fooocus.

Prompt: Close up photo of a smiling handsome man [optional enter 1-2 names for consistent faces] wearing a jean jacket and t-shirt in the city at night, high details 4K

Negative Prompt: Ugly, deformed, text, watermark

Fooocus is a free stable diffusion image generator that can be run on any PC with at least 4GB of VRAM (GPU) and it's the easiest to run SDXL locally.

Download Fooocus here

7Zip to extract the files

Download all models needed on CivitAI:

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