Stable Audio

Stable Audio

Stability AI did released an update to Stable Audio. Stable Audio 2.0 creates full musical tracks up to 3 minutes in length from a single prompt. The best part about it is that it's sort of free as you get 20 free credits per month.

Let's give it a listen with the demo prompt this is Soulful boom bap hip-hop instrumental solemn affected piano sp200 which is an old school sampling instrument lowy swing drums blah blah blah it's not bad.

It does kind of pale in comparison to the current King Of The Hill in terms of AI generated music Sunno.

Sunno has just released its version 3 Model wide so even if you're on the free plan you can now generate in version three so taking that exact same prompt and running it in sunno we end up with this.

Sunno is King of the Hill for a reason aside from just the overall bump in audio Fidelity you've also got instrumentation and composition choices that are much more in line with the prompted genre.

Stable Audio does have a secret weapon and that's the fact that you can add your own audio in to use as an audio reference. For example in an experiment that very much reminded me of the opening scene of It Might Get Loud a really great documentary on guitar in which Jack White from the White Stripes essentially explains what a guitar fundamentally boils down to. it's just a piece of string a piece of wood and a magnetic pickup.

I'll link this scene down below if you've never seen it. it's it's really great while Jordie ponds used his voice to create Foley and a soundtrack for a scene.

So while obviously Sunno is a step ahead in terms of Music generation, I didn't even touch on the fact that you can add singing into Sunno whereas in Stable Audio you cannot.

The fact that you can Audio Reference in Stable Audio to is kind of a big deal and something that I think that you'll find creative uses for if you poke at it a little bit.

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