AutoGen from Microsoft provides a multi-agent conversation framework as a high-level abstraction. It is an open-source library for enabling next-generation LLM applications with multi-agent collaborations, teachability and personalization. With this framework, users can build LLM workflows.

AutoGen is an exciting development in the world of AI! It's a framework that lets you build complex applications using multiple agents that can converse with each other to solve tasks. These agents are like mini-programs with specialized skills, working together to achieve a goal.

Here's what makes AutoGen special:

  • Multi-agent conversations: Instead of a single AI doing everything, AutoGen lets you create teams of agents, each with their own strengths. They can chat back and forth, share information, and delegate tasks to each other, just like people would.

  • Customizable and conversable: You can design your agents to be good at specific things, like writing text, generating code, or searching the web. They can also understand human input and interact with you in a natural conversation.

  • Human participation: You're not just a bystander in AutoGen. You can be an active part of the team, guiding agents, providing feedback, and influencing the outcome of their conversations. This makes it very flexible and adaptable.

  • Easy to use: AutoGen is designed to be user-friendly, even for people without a lot of programming experience. You can define your agents and their interactions through simple conversations, and the framework takes care of the rest.

Overall, AutoGen offers a powerful way to build next-generation AI applications that are adaptable, collaborative, and even teachable. It's opening up new possibilities for everything from creative writing and code generation to scientific research and personalized assistants.

Here are some resources to learn more:

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