Adobe Photoshop with Generative AI

Adobe supercharges Photoshop with Firefly Generative AI

Photoshop now has 'Firefly', their family of creative Generative AI Models, directly in the Photoshop desktop (beta) app – using their own, natural language to prompt Photoshop to create extraordinary images with Generative Fill.

\These prompts can be used to add content, remove or replace parts of an image and extend the edges of an image. Generative Fill is infused into every selection feature in Photoshop, and they have created a new generative layer type so you can work non-destructively. In addition, Generative Fill is also available as a module within the Firefly beta.

Firefly’s first model is trained on a unique dataset that includes Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content and other public domain content without copyright restrictions.

Adobe Photoshop has a number of AI features, including:

Adjustment Presets: These are filters that speed up complex tasks by enabling you to preview and change the appearance of images in just a few steps to achieve a distinctive look and feel, instantly.

There are 32 new presets in the Adjustments panel that you can hover over to see what your image would look like with each preset applied before selecting it. Once a preset is selected, it can be further refined by editing the automatically created adjustment layers in the layers panel.

Remove Tool: This tool uses AI to remove unwanted objects from images, while preserving the integrity of nearby objects. The Remove Tool is an AI-powered feature that enables you to replace an unwanted object by simply brushing over it, preserving the integrity of nearby objects and providing an uninterrupted transition on complex and varied backgrounds.

The Remove Tool is particularly powerful when removing larger objects and matching the smooth focus shift across the image. For example, the tool can remove an entire building or car from an alpine landscape image while seamlessly maintaining the fidelity of the progression from meadow to mountains.

Use the Remove tool for:

  • Big objects

  • An object near other objects

  • An object on a varied-focus background

  • An object with structure behind it (think lines, like a fence or horizon)

Generative Fill: This tool uses AI to generate new content in images, based on natural language prompts. For example, you could type "a beautiful landscape photo with a tree beside a huge boulder" and Photoshop would generate a new image with those elements.

Contextual Presets: These presets use AI to automatically apply the right adjustments to images, based on their content. For example, if you open a photo of a sunset, Photoshop will automatically apply presets that enhance the colors and contrast of the image.

Contextual Task Bar: The Contextual Task Bar is an on-screen menu that recommends the most relevant next steps in several key workflows, reducing the number of clicks required to complete a project, and making the most common actions more easily accessible.

For example, when an object is selected, the Contextual Task Bar appears below your selection and suggests actions for selection refinement that you might want to use next, such as Select and Mask, Feather, Invert, Create Adjustment Layer, Fill Selection, or generate something with the new Generative Fill capabilities.

Super Resolution: This feature uses AI to upscale images, without sacrificing quality. This can be helpful for resizing images for printing or web use.

Neural Filters: These filters use AI to apply creative effects to images, such as making them look like paintings or cartoons.

Gradients Update: The Gradients feature has been significantly improved, and the workflow has been expedited. The feature enables you to create gradients in just a few steps and now includes new on-canvas controls which help you have precise controls over many aspects of the gradient in real-time. A live preview that’s created automatically shows you instantly how the changes you make affect your image.

You can now also make non-destructive edits to your gradients, which means you can go back and make changes to your gradient without permanently altering your original image.

These are just a few of the AI features that are available in Adobe Photoshop. As AI technology continues to develop, we can expect to see even more powerful and creative AI features in Photoshop in the future.

Adobe supercharges Photoshop with Firefly Generative AI

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