Instant NeRF (Nvidia)

Instant NeRF (Nvidia)

Digital artists are composing beautiful scenes and telling stories from a new perspective with NVIDIA Instant NeRF, an inverse rendering tool that turns a set of static 2D images into an immersive 3D scene in minutes.

The Process

Capturing imagery is the first step to getting a beautiful Instant NeRF.

Take photos from many different perspectives following basic principles of photogrammetry with respect to overlapping and sharp imagery. This video shows you example imagery from an ideal capture.

Download and compile the codebase, then launch the GUI to train your first NeRF. The codebase is straightforward to compile for experienced programmers and data scientists. Beginners can easily follow these tips to get started, and the instructions provided in GitHub repository.

NVIDIA Instant NeRF: Getting Started with Neural Radiance Fields

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