After the first time you run Fooocus, a config file will be generated at Fooocus\config.txt. This file can be edited to change the model path or default parameters.

For example, an edited Fooocus\config.txt (this file will be generated after the first launch) may look like this:

    "path_checkpoints": "D:\\Fooocus\\models\\checkpoints",
    "path_loras": "D:\\Fooocus\\models\\loras",
    "path_embeddings": "D:\\Fooocus\\models\\embeddings",
    "path_vae_approx": "D:\\Fooocus\\models\\vae_approx",
    "path_upscale_models": "D:\\Fooocus\\models\\upscale_models",
    "path_inpaint": "D:\\Fooocus\\models\\inpaint",
    "path_controlnet": "D:\\Fooocus\\models\\controlnet",
    "path_clip_vision": "D:\\Fooocus\\models\\clip_vision",
    "path_fooocus_expansion": "D:\\Fooocus\\models\\prompt_expansion\\fooocus_expansion",
    "path_outputs": "D:\\Fooocus\\outputs",
    "default_model": "realisticStockPhoto_v10.safetensors",
    "default_refiner": "",
    "default_loras": [["lora_filename_1.safetensors", 0.5], ["lora_filename_2.safetensors", 0.5]],
    "default_cfg_scale": 3.0,
    "default_sampler": "dpmpp_2m",
    "default_scheduler": "karras",
    "default_negative_prompt": "low quality",
    "default_positive_prompt": "",
    "default_styles": [
        "Fooocus V2",
        "Fooocus Photograph",
        "Fooocus Negative"

Many other keys, formats, and examples are in Fooocus\config_modification_tutorial.txt (this file will be generated after the first launch).

Consider twice before you really change the config. If you find yourself breaking things, just delete Fooocus\config.txt. Fooocus will go back to default.

A safer way is just to try "run_anime.bat" or "run_realistic.bat" - they should already be good enough for different tasks.

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