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Convert Any Video Into Animation With Ai -Video To Animation Ai



I converted this simple video into animated video in just few clicks with the help of AI without changing the facial features without changing the body composition and in this video I'm going to show you how you guys can do this in few easy steps so without any further delay let's dive into the video so first of all we're going to generate our style image to apply on our video then we will convert our videos into animations and in the last part we're going to fix the facial features so first of all let's generate some images for that.

I'm going to use a free AI tool called Leonardo AI you can use any of your favorite tool and I'm selecting this 3D animation model so I'm going to give it a simple prompt like a beautiful woman and let's generate so these are the few images that I generated so I'm going to select one of them so I like this image and I'm going to Simply download this image

now to convert our videos into this animation style I'm going to use Runway ML. so simply go to the and select gen one model because this is a video to video model.

Simply upload your video that you want to convert into animation so let's say I'm going to select this video so just wait for it okay so our video is uploaded and you can see this is just a basic video recorded with the camera now let's convert this into animation on the right side you can see we have few options to upload our images we have some presets and prompts but for now we're going to upload our own image now simply upload the image that we have just created okay so our image is uploaded now select your image and this will be selected as your input style now to get the idea how your video will look like simply click on that preview style and this will provide you few images to get the idea how your video will look like so these are the few images that it generated but none of them is looking like our input video but don't worry about that we're going to fix this later for now simply click on that generate okay so this is the video that I generated and you can see this is not matching with our input video and you can also see the facial features are looking really bad

Let's fix this thing now. to fix the facial features we're going to use the face swapping technique and I'm going to use this AI tool called swap face and by the way this is the only free AI tool available for the face swapping now to use this AI tool you just have to go to this website (

I will leave the link in the description below so you can download this AA tool and install it on your computer so once you have done now go to the video face swapping and upload the video that we have just generated in Runway ml.

Once your video is uploaded now you need an image to swap faces with so we're going to get back to our original video and now find the frame where the face is fully visible so I think this Frame is looking good where face is fully visible and now simply take a screenshot of this and now just get back to our face sing tool now simply upload your screenshot

Once you have uploaded your screenshot simply click on the that image and this will be selected as your face swapping image right and on the bottom right side you can see we have three different models to swap the faces I'm going to select the fast mode because it works best with low-end devices and this model works for all of your devices now simply click on that start button and this will be start swapping your face okay so our video is ready and these are the output results from our video so let me play this for you and now you can see this is looking much much better than the runway ml video but the only drawback is the video quality is not looking good right now to increase the video quality we're going to use CapCut is a free video upscaler. so simply upload your video and then hit upscale and now our video quality is much much better than the previous one. but the only problem is when we are using the free AI tools, we have to face this Watermark issue but you guys can also remove this Watermark using free

online a watermark removers but I'm not going to get into that because the video length will be increased so that was a quick video on how you guys can turn your simple videos into animated videos or any of your favorite Style by just using free AI tools so that's it from this video and if you guys find this video helpful give it a thumbs up and I'll see you in the next one

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