Adobe Firefly

Adobe is working on several video synthesis tools as part of its Adobe Firefly initiative. While not all of them are currently available to the public, they showcase some exciting possibilities for the future of video editing. Here's a breakdown of what's available now and what's coming soon:

Currently available:

  • AI-powered audio and video effects: Firefly is also being used to create new AI-powered effects for both Premiere Pro and After Effects. These effects can do things like automatically recolor your footage, generate realistic sound effects, or even create entirely new objects or backgrounds.

Coming soon:

  • Speech-to-video editing: This feature will allow you to edit your videos simply by speaking to them. You'll be able to tell Premiere Pro to cut out certain parts, add transitions, or even change the order of clips, all with your voice.

  • Generative music and sound effects: Firefly will also be able to generate original music and sound effects for your videos, giving you even more creative control over your projects.

It's important to note that all of these features are still under development, and they may not be perfect yet. However, they give a glimpse into the future of video editing, where AI will play a much bigger role in the creative process.

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