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AI Magic Avatars with AI Studio

AI Powered Photo Studio

No need wasting time in Photobooth, Upload a few of your photos to AI Studio and get 100+ studio PFP in minutes.

How can I get the best results?

Try uploading more diverse photos in different environment, with different facial expressions in different styles.

Better results are achieved if you upload:

  • 4-8 face close-ups with shoulders and

  • 10-12 full body shots.

How do you use my photos?

Your photos are used only for internal AI processing, we do not and will not share them with any 3rd parties or anyone without your permission. We take privacy concerns seriously.

What photo formats are supported?

JPG/JPEG/PNG are supported.

What is a style preset?

A style package/preset is essentially a set of highly-curated prompts that will be applied on your model after your training. You can purchase them both before and after you train your model. They produce high-quality images of your subject. We highly recommend using them.

One preset applies to one model. You will need to purchase the same preset again to use it on another model.

How long does AI take to train my model? It depends on the number of images you upload.

Usually 20 minutes for 100 images.

Who owns the rights of the images?

For all image generated from ImgCreator.AI, you own the rights of the generated images.



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