PromeAI Looking is an AI-powered design assistant that can help bring your creative ideas to life? Create stunning designs with our extensive controllable AIGC (C-AIGC) model style library.

Whether you're architects, interior designers, product designers, or game animation designers, PromeAI has everything you need to take your work to the next level. Image Generation Sketch Rendering Upload a photo or line drawing to be rendered. Or use the creative mode with a blank drawing.

AI Video Synthesis

Text to Video

Turn text into amazing AI videos, turning your wildest imagination into reality.

Image to Video

Upload your favorite images and quickly transform them into high-quality videos. Tip: Upload images with clear subjects for better video generation results.

AI Image Generation

Sketch Rendering

Upload a photo or line drawing to be rendered. Or generate an image using text. Tip: Try different styles and rendering modes, and there will always be stunning effects.

AI Text to Image Generation

Turn text into stunning AI-generated Image, producing stunning art, illustrations, drawings, paintings and images. Add a text prompt, select the style, and witness the magic of text-to-image AI.

Creative Fusion

Blend the structural creativity of your sketch with artistic styles, creating unique and breathtaking artworks. Adjust the style intensity to control the blending degree between your image and the chosen style.

Image Variation

Generate images with similar styles, layouts, perspectives, and sensory experiences. You can control the degree of similarity.

Photo To Sketch

Upload a photo to convert it into a line drawing effect. The fewer details in the image, the better an simpler the line drawing will be.

Background Diffusion

Automatically remove the background and generate an ideal background based on templates or text. You can adjust the size and position of the main part to achieve more desired results.

AI Supermodel

Upload photos of mannequins or amateur models, choose products, and create models and backgrounds. The current version supports real photos of individuals or photos of mannequins with faces and limbs. Additionally, if you want long hair, the mannequin model should wear a wig.

Text Effects

Render black and white text layouts into 3D various effects. You can use tools like Word or PowerPoint for simple text formatting, then take a screenshot and upload it. You can adjust the intensity of the text outline.

Image Editing

Erase & Replace (Inpainting)

Select the area that needs to be modified and enter the replacement content. The selected area should be roughly the same size as the replacement content for better results.


Expand the image content based on proportions or dimensions. You can adjust the position of the original image to control the expansion direction. Avoid expanding the area too much at once.


Image relighting and brightness enhancement. Adjust lighting parameters, and transform your visuals. Click to select and move the light source. Adjust color, depth, brightness, and distance.

Here's information about PromeAI:

PromeAI is an AI design and marketing software developed by the Artificial Intelligence Lab at Beijing Institute of Technology (Libai Lab). It provides AI assistants to help creators generate controllable AI images and videos, bringing ideas to life. The software has an extensive library of controllable AI-generated model styles, including:

  • Sketch Rendering: Turns sketches into realistic rendered images.

  • Image Background Generation: Generates backgrounds for images.

  • Image Inpainting: Repairs damaged areas of images.

  • Image Variation Generation: Creates different variations of images.

  • Image Background Replacement: Replaces the background of images.

  • Image Outpainting (Generative Fill): Extends the boundaries of images.

  • Photo to Sketch: Converts photos into sketches.

  • AI Supermodel: Generates high-quality human faces and figures.

  • Text Effects: Creates visual effects based on text descriptions.

PromeAI is applicable to various design fields, including architecture, interior design, product design, game animation design, and more. It can help designers:

  • Streamline their workflow

  • Boost efficiency and conversion rates

  • Enhance creativity

  • Reduce costs

Specific use cases of PromeAI:

  • Architecture: Generating realistic renderings of buildings for design proposals and presentations.

  • Interior Design: Creating realistic renderings of interior spaces for design proposals and presentations.

  • Product Design: Visualizing products in various styles for design development and marketing.

  • Game Animation Design: Creating realistic renderings of game scenes and characters for game development and animation production.

  • Marketing and Advertising: Generating visual content for social media, websites, and advertising campaigns.

PromeAI is a powerful AI design tool that can empower designers to unleash greater creativity in various fields.

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