Leadership Team

David Lake is a distinguished international business and media specialist with a rich background in AI, robotics, and biomed. Previously at the helm of Rejuve, a pioneering project at the intersection of AI and Blockchain for longevity medical research, he now brings his expertise to multiple endeavors. As a Director with the SingularityNET Foundation, his focus spans Asia and the Middle East, contributing to the strategic landscape of these regions. Furthermore, he has played a pivotal executive role at SophiaVerse, the entity driving the innovative Sophia the Robot project. Throughout his career, Mr. Lake has demonstrated a remarkable ability to create successful businesses, especially in the fields of artificial intelligence ecosystems, blockchain initiatives, and robotics. His contributions extend to fintech, regenerative medical advancements, and anti-aging therapies. David Lake's impact also extends to Dubai, where he explores the historical context and realities of anti-aging in the context of human history and the Singularity.