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Blockade Labs is a company that develops AI-powered tools for world-building. Their flagship product is Skybox AI, a one-click 360° image generator that can create realistic and surreal skyboxes based on your sketches.

Skybox AI:

Blockade Labs also offers a number of other tools, such as Sketch-to-skybox, which allows you to create skyboxes by drawing on a canvas, and Remix, which lets you combine different skyboxes to create new and unique compositions.

Sketch-to-skybox: Blockade Labs: Sketch to Skybox VR with Stable Diffusion Core!

Blockade Labs was founded in 2020 by a team of game developers and AI researchers. The company's mission is to "break down the barriers between technology and creativity so that everyone can manifest their ideas into reality."

Blockade Labs believes that AI has the potential to democratize world-building, making it possible for anyone to create stunning and immersive environments.

Blockade Labs's tools are used by a wide range of users, from artists and designers to game developers and filmmakers. The company's products have been featured in a number of publications, including The Verge, Wired, and Forbes.

If you're interested in world-building or AI-powered creativity, I encourage you to check out Blockade Labs. Their tools are a great way to get started with world-building and to see how AI can be used to create amazing and inspiring environments.

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Create a Skybox using AI (and import into Unity)

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