OpenAi GPT Store

We discuss the launch of OpenAI's GPT store and its potential as a significant opportunity. It covers the basics of custom GPTs, examples of useful applications, and tips for building and monetizing GPTs. The speaker, Wes Roth, emphasizes the ease of creating custom GPTs for various needs, showcasing examples like video description generators and social media post optimizers. He also discusses the rules for the GPT store, such as usage policies and naming conventions, and explores the potential revenue models for GPTs. Additionally, Roth provides advice on building a suite of GPT products, engaging with customers, and staying ahead in the emerging GPT market.

Video Chapters

Introduction to OpenAI's GPT Store Launch. Overview of the upcoming launch and its significance.

Custom GPTs and Their Capabilities

Explanation of custom GPTs and their applications. [00:01:05] Practical Examples of Custom GPTs

Real-life examples of GPTs for various tasks like video descriptions and social media optimization.

Underestimating Custom GPTs, Discussion on the overlooked potential of custom GPTs.

Rules for GPT Store Participation -Important guidelines and policies for creating and naming GPTs.

Naming Conventions and Usage Policies

Detailed look at naming rules and acceptable uses for GPTs.

Potential of GPT Store in Market Comparison with other app stores and the revenue potential of the GPT store.

Tips for Getting Started with GPT Building Advice on creating and marketing GPTs effectively.

Building a GPT Hub and Engaging Customers Strategies for customer engagement and creating a suite of GPT products.

Future of GPTs and Investment Opportunities Speculation on the growth and monetization of GPTs in the future.

Final Thoughts and Future Coverage and Closing remarks and what to expect in upcoming content.

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