Storyboarding Tools

When storyboarding originated at Walt Disney’s studio 100 years ago, it took a whole team of artists to start sketching out the individual frames of their animated movies. Today, you will be happy to hear storyboarding is a lot more accessible. Now, storyboarding is easier and more affordable than ever before thanks to the range and quality of storyboarding software available to professionals and the everyday creative.

The entertainment industry may have a prescriptive and rigid format for scripts, but this is not the case with storyboards, which enjoy much more liberal guidelines for how they need to look.

There is a wide spectrum of acceptable layouts and designs, so you have much more creative liberty when designing your storyboard. This range of creative opportunity means you can decide to use color or not, or keep your designs precise or sketched. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to storyboarding, so you can let your creative flag fly high!

Whether you have a film or TV show script you want to bring to life or simply some social media content you’re keen to map out, storyboarding is the all-important step between a script and shooting the action.

"A storyboard serves as a visual blueprint for a film sequence, deconstructing the action into separate panels. This organized series of illustrations includes essential information such as camera angles, dialogue, and other relevant elements. It outlines the progression of a video on a shot-by-shot basis".

Storyboards are not far from the style used by comic books; storyboards and comics both show still images to represent a lot of action and drama!

What are the Best Storyboarding Software?

Thankfully, there are a multitude of software available today that help automate and manage a lot of these creative efforts for you. Typically storyboard software takes one of these paths when it comes to pricing:

  • A free desktop software (typically the free options will restrict your free access to a small number of projects)

  • A one-time fee to buy access to a desktop software for life

  • A subscription model which charges a monthly or annual fee to their software

In this section, we’ve taken a look at the entire storyboard software market and put together a comprehensive list of the best options available on the market for 2022.

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