Cinematic wide angle view


Cinematic wide angle view, of a alien disc shape spaceship (((UFO))) over the tropical forest, faraway of a group of military explorers (((5 men, with dark green american military uniforms dark green berets, mountain gear and radio, green berets, black backpack))), (((dark green pants dark green shirts, dark green berets))), led by Captain James, standing at the entrance of the cave. They are decending (((walking))) as they marvel at the magnificent view of the tropical paradise before them. As they descends the view is more beautifull with, waterfalls, lakes, palm trees and mountains. (((The pants, shirts and berets are of the exact dark green color))).

Negative prompt:

Houses..structure. weapons on hands. tshirts. White tshirts. Blue tshirts. Green tshirts. Red tshirts.light green pants. Dark grey pants. Dark grey shirts. Light grey pants. Light grey shirts. Brown blackpack. Grey blackpack. Helmet. Military helmet.


Seed: 677780678, Aspect ratio: 16:9, Style: Realistic

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