Gen-AI Revolution

  1. Create a prompt for the following: Split image, landscape format (16:9 aspect ratio) Left side: A traditional artist with paintbrush in hand, standing at an easel with a partially completed canvas. Their expression is one of determination and focus. The style of the painting on the easel can be tailored to your target audience (e.g., realistic portrait for visual artists, musical notes for musicians). Right side: A digital artist using a modern tablet with a vibrant, colorful, AI-generated image displayed on the screen. Their expression is one of awe and inspiration.

Additional details: The overall tone of the image should be energetic and positive, highlighting the creative potential of AI. The color palette on the AI-generated image side can be more vibrant and futuristic compared to the traditional artist side. In the background, subtle hints suggesting the creative fields youโ€™re targeting can be included. For example, musical instruments for musicians or a cityscape for visual artists. Text overlay (optional):

Consider adding a small text overlay on each side of the split image. Left side: "Traditional. Tested." Right side: "AI-powered. Evolving." Aspect Ratio: --ar 16:9

DALL-E Prompt:

Create an image showcasing the dynamic contrast between traditional and AI-powered artistry in a vibrant 16:9 landscape format. It visualizes the journey from traditional methods to the innovative possibilities of AI, encapsulated through the focused determination of a traditional artist and the awe-inspired engagement of a digital artist with AI technology. This representation aims to highlight the creative potential and evolving nature of art in the age of artificial intelligence.

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