Command Line usage

Command-line usage

The following command will transcribe speech in an Urdu Audio file, using the medium model:

!whisper "/content/sample_data/sampleurdufile1.mp3" --model medium --language ur

The following command will translate speech in an Urdu audio file to English using the:

!whisper "/content/sample_data/sampleurdufile1.mp3" --task translate --language en

The following command will transcribe speech in audio files, using the medium model:

!whisper audio.flac audio.mp3 audio.wav --model medium

The default setting (which selects the small model) works well for transcribing English.

To transcribe an audio file containing non-English speech, you can specify the language using the --language option:

!whisper filename.wav --language Japanese

To translate an Audio file from one language to another language use the --translate option

!whisper filename.wav --task translate --language en (will translate the speech into English)

Run the following command to view all available options:

!whisper --help

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