AI Animation Generator - 3D Movie with AI

AI Animation Generator - 3D Movie with AI

Ai Toolkit:

1. DeepMotion AI - Create Model (

2. ReadyPlayerMe - Avatar Generator (

3. Canva Video Editor- Create background Video ( )

4. Wondershare Filmora - Video Editing (


In this era of Artificial intelligence, anyone can create their own 3D animation movie, even without any knowledge about 3D and Animation!

Hi, welcome back to my AI tutorial channel. Today, I will show you how to create 3D animation using an AI tool. In this AI tutorial, we will convert any existing video into a 3D animation with just a few clicks.

I will also show you how to create your own 3D character easily. By following this step-by-step guide that takes only 7 minutes, I hope you can create your own 3D animation movie. So, let's get started!

Part 1: Create Account

To begin using the Video to 3D Animation Converter, you need to create a DeepMotion AI account. You can find the link in the video description.

Click the "Sign Up" button to create a new DeepMotion AI account.

Part 2: Create 3D Characters

After logging into DeepMotion AI, click on the "Animate 3D" menu. You can follow the guide by clicking the "Get Started" button. Now, click on the "3D Models" menu.

In this example, we will use the Ready Player Me Avatar Generator. First, choose your body type. You can upload your photo to convert it into a 3D avatar, or you can choose the "Continue Without Photo" option. Next, select an avatar model and click "Next" to proceed.

You can customize the skin color, basic face shape, and various face details like eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, and hair. Additionally, you can change the avatar's hair style, outfit, accessories, and makeup. Once everything is set, click the "Next" button. You can register with Ready PlayerMe or choose "Continue Without Sign Up".

Finally, enter your character's name and click the "Save" button to store all the avatar information.

Part 3: Generate 3D AI Animation

From the DeepMotion AI dashboard, go to the "Animate 3D" menu and click on "3D Models". Select your 3D avatar character and click the "Create Animation" button.

Upload your video, In this example, I'm using a jogging video. Rename your file if needed and trim or crop the video using the "Trim and Crop" button if necessary. Once done, click the "Save" button. Go to the "Video Output" menu and enable the "MP4 Output" option.

Uncheck the "Include Original Video" option and change the custom background to a solid green color. Set the camera mode to cinematic and enable or disable shadow and audio output as desired. When ready, click the "Create" button to convert your video into a 3D animation using DeepMotion AI.

After the generation process is complete, click the "Download" button, select MP4 format, and click "Download" to save your animation video.

Part 4: Create Animated Background

Let's create an animated background for our video using Canva. Go to the Canva dashboard and choose the "Video" menu.

Then, navigate to the "Elements" menu and search for "animation" in the search bar. Expand the video results and select your desired video animation. Right-click on it and set it as the background. Download your animated background video.

Part 5: Editing

To combine the 3D video animation and animated background, use a video editor such as Wondershare Filmora. Import your animated background and 3D animation video.

Place the animated background on the first video layer and position the 3D video animation on the upper layer. Click on the 3D animation video, select the "Chromakey" button, and use the color picker to select the Greenscreen area. Resize the 3D animation video to match the background, and trim or adjust its speed as needed.

In this example, we'll slow down the background speed. Once everything is set, click the "Export" button, enter your file name, and adjust the video resolution and quality if necessary. Here is the video result from this DeepMotion AI tutorial. Now, you can create your own animation video using AI.

If you want to improve your background animation, you can learn from this video. Additionally, you can use AI tools to add a script and create voice-over using free text-to-speech. You can learn these techniques from this video. Lastly, make your animation movie more interesting by adding AI-generated music. Watch this video to learn how to create music using AI.

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