Beautifully designed dress adorned with golden embroidery

The detailed prompt from this image is a focus on the intricate design and craftsmanship of the attire worn by the individual in the image. The attire consists of a beautifully designed dress adorned with golden embroidery and gemstones, complemented by an elegant necklace and a veil. The individual is wearing a dark dress with intricate golden embroidery. There are red gemstones embedded within the embroidery on both the dress and necklace. The neckline of the dress is decorated with golden floral patterns that extend to form sleeves. A matching golden necklace with red gemstones adorns the neck, complementing the design on the dress. A sheer veil with similar golden embroidery drapes over, adding an element of grace. The background is dark, emphasizing and contrasting against the attire.

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