Running Fooocus

To Run Fooocus;

  1. Go to the directory where Fooocus is Installed

  2. You will see the following Direcotries and a few batch files:

  • Fooocus (Programs Directory)

  • python_embeded

  • Fooocus_win64_2-1-831.7z (This is the main ZIP file that was downloaded for Install)

  • Batche files:

- run.bat (Batch file to run the main model - Jaggernaut)

- run_realistic.bat (Batch file to run the 'realistic' model)

- run_anime.bat (Batch file to run the 'anime' model)

The parameters to launch the model are in the batch files, for example:

.\python_embeded\python.exe -s Fooocus\ --preset anime


To load a new Models:

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