HeyGen started as 'Movio' - a tool for creating spokesperson videos. It was as HeyGen, encompassing not just avatars but the entire video generation experience.

Heygen now has the following capabilities;

  • Create videos of people without a studio, camera or crew.

  • Choose from a variety of AI avatars to represent your brand.

  • Personalize your videos with your own text, voiceover, and branding.

  • Export your videos in high quality for sharing online or on social media.

Text to Speech Online with AI-Powered natural Voices Turn text to speech using 300+ voices across 40+ languages. Create studio-quality voiceover videos at a much lower cost with less time spent.

  • Generative Outfit

  • Custom Avatars

  • Voice Cloning

  • Talking Photo

  • Text To Speech

  • AI Avatars

  • Templates

  • Zapier

Supercharge Your Workflow With HeyGen's Zapier Integration HeyGen is taking video creation to the next level with a comprehensive Zapier integration. Enhance your workflow and boost productivity by automating your HeyGen tasks without writing a single line of code. Read our Zapier integration doc here.

With HeyGen, you can create studio-quality videos for much less money and time.

Website: https://www.heygen.com/

Link to Text-to-Speech: https://www.heygen.com/text-to-speech

Pricing: https://www.heygen.com/pricing

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