Fine-Tuning A Model with Kohya

How to Fine-Tuning A Model with Kohya

Build LoRA Models for Stable Diffusion

Hugging Face LoRA Library: CivitAI:

GitHub Kohya:

Train a LoRA Model

02:06 Build your database

02:48 Training images

04:22 Captioning (BLIP) 09:57 Regularization images

13:10 Choose your base model for training

16:09 Create folders to train the model

21:48 Theory: What is a Neural Network?

23:40 Theory: Batch

24:50 Theory: Epoch

25:20 Theory: Iterations, or Steps, or Repeat

26:00 Theory: Loss Function

26:49 Theory: Learning Rate

27:43 Set the key training parameters

32:12 How to use a LoRA modell

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