Meet Genmo, your new creative copilot Genmo is the first step towards our approach to Creative General Intelligence where a human and a generative model work together. Today, Genmo can help you create images, videos and 3D models. Collaboration yields more creative and useful results than any AI alone.

Introducing Genmo Chat

Generative models have demonstrated incredible capabilities in synthesizing content across modalities, including text, images, videos, and beyond.

With Genmo, we're taking it a step further by providing a creative copilot that works hand-in-hand with users to bring their creative visions to life.

We are gradually rolling out alpha access to Genmo Chat to creatives from our waitlist. While there are limitations, we are scaling up capacity and continuously working to improve Genmo's capabilities, safety, and understanding of user intent.

  1. What is Genmo? Genmo is a creative research lab dedicated to building tools for creating and sharing generative art across modalities. We are pushing the frontier of the capabilities of generative models. Today, our free platform enables social creation of unlimited videos with a single click. We are currently in beta and will be adding more in the future.

  2. I ran out of fuel. How do I get more? What is fuel? If you need more fuel, you can purchase a subscription to Genmo Turbo. This will give you 10x more fuel every day, the ability to remove watermarks, immediate access to Genmo Chat and commercial use to most results.

Video Generation with Genmo

  1. How do I generate a video? Click on the Generate button in the top right corner. Once on the create page, you will need to create an initial frame for the video. We support uploading images which can come from any number of text-to-image tools. You can also type a custom prompt into the text box and click Start. This will search a large database of pregenerated images with community prompts. If those images are not to your liking, click the "Create new image +" button on the left to generate a new image. Once you select an image, optionally customize video settings via the "Options" section then click "Turn it into a video".

  2. Advanced video options: What is dynamism? Dynamism controls how much noise is added to video sampling between frames. A higher dynamism value will result in more variation between frames which may be more interesting. A lower dynamism value will result in more consistent frames.

  3. Advanced video options: How can I chain multiple prompts to tell a story? Genmo allows you to use different prompts throughout the video. For example, you can age a person from young to old or change a landscape from day to night. To open the advanced menu, click "Options" then "Add prompt +" at the bottom of the creator. Prompts are applied in sequence for equal durations of the video.

Tip: Describe the content of the frame in every prompt, not just the action you want to happen. For example:

  1. A young wizard and his owl.

  2. An old wizard and his owl.

If you get a content warning. What does that mean? Sometimes, images may contain content that is not appropriate for all audiences. Please keep generations safe for all ages.

If you see a generation that may violate our terms of service, please rate it with the emoji button and emailing us at

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