Wordtune is an ai writing style tool that allows you to rewrite and hone your wording for better clarity. It integrates with Microsoft word as an add-in. It is an AI-powered writing companion that helps you write clear, compelling, and authentic content. It can:

  • Fix spelling and grammar errors

  • Suggest alternative word choices

  • Improve sentence structure

  • Make your writing more concise

  • Rewrite your text and tailor your writing to different audiences

  • Alter the tone of your content

  • Expand or shorten your content writing

  • Microsoft Word integration

Wordtune is available as a Chrome extension, a Microsoft add-in, and a web app. It's a great tool for students, professionals, and anyone who wants to write better.

Here are some additional details about Wordtune:

  • It was developed by AI21 Labs, an Israeli AI company and released in 2020.

  • It is available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

  • It has over 1 million users.

Similar to Grammarly, it does help fix grammar mistakes and works as a browser extension. Wordtune excels in the content rewriting space. Grammarly is much more rigorous in fixing grammar. Most people use them both together.


It has a free plan that allows you to use it on 500 words per month, and a premium plan that costs $9.99 per month or $119.88 per year.

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